Renewable Energy

As the domestic renewable heat incentive RHI gathers pace more and more home owners who are looking to replace existing heating systems are thinking of renewable energy that is kind to the environment and in the long term your pocket.

At HPE Plymouth, we are renewable specialists in Air To Water heat pumps and can offer a free no obligation estimate & advice on the best option for your home.


Renewable energy can be confusing, with all the jargon. If you’re thinking of investing in renewable energy, but need some advice and guidance on making the right choices, we’re here to help.


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Are You Passionate About The Environment?

Give us a call to discuss your requirements. If you don’t know much about renewable energy, don’t worry, we will help you to understand how you can save money and care for the environment.

HPE Heating, Plumbing & Electrics have the ability to install Air to Air and Air to water heat pumps and because we are F-Gas compliant, we also install domestic air conditioning systems

The Future of Central Heating Today

Are you building or renovating your home?
Are you interested in equipping your home with a heating system with a longer service life and lower energy costs? Or, would you like to combine quality of life with environmental preservation?

Let us introduce you to what is currently the most efficient system in terms of indoor comfort: the heat pump.
This is a gentle but cutting-edge technology whose benefits, both for the user and for Mother Nature, have been amply demonstrated.

Heat Pumps PlymouthHeat pumps are used to extract calories (heat) contained in the outside air, even in cold weather. Using a compressor, they are capable of very effectively heating the inside of a home. The only input that heat pumps require to make the system work is electricity: the heat they produce is entirely drawn from the outside air. Electricity use is thus minimum and far lower than that of an electric space-heater, for example. It is a simple equation: using heat pumps, 75% of the energy consumed to heat your home is found in the outside air: it is thus free of charge and… renewable!

Quiet and discrete, heat pumps are currently the most advanced technology used to equip homes and buildings with low energy consumption.


Most of today’s heating systems depend on what are known as “fossil fuel” (unrenewable) energy sources, such as oil or gas.
Besides having a harmful effect on our environment, these energy sources are becoming scarcer, which makes them more and more expensive.
Since a heat pump uses a renewable source of energy that allows it to maintain a reduced level of electric power consumption, and since it takes really good care of your comfort by allowing you to control your inside temperature all year long, it is clearly the most effective solution for your heating needs, starting today and for many, many tomorrows


Some heat pumps, such as Altherma, also allow you to enjoy the year-round benefits of hot water for your entire household. In summer, the system reverses itself: the fluid in the circuit absorbs heat from a room and gives it off outdoors. A heat transfer fluid, harmless to the ozone layer, circulates in a closed circuit inside the system in order to transfer heat to and from the air outside and inside your home.

Heat pumps absorb free energy (heat) from a low-temperature source (air,water or ground) and upgrade it to a higher temperature, via the refrigerant cycle, (like your fridge at home but in reverse (fig.2). Efficiency ratios range from 3:1 to 5:1 (300-500%), i.e. for each 1kW of electricity consumed between 3kW – 5kW of heat energy can be transferred (conventional fossil fuel boilers are around 70 – 90% efficient) – Therefore heat pumps are more cost effective, eco-friendly and use renewable energy for the greater good of our environment.